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Social Media Recruitment in 2022

With the advent in technology, the workforce is coming up with generations of digital alternatives and talents. As a social media recruiter, you need to be upfront with the current trends and the best recruiting strategy to source the right candidate from a plethora of choice. Web-based social recruitment keeps on developing every year. It's up to the company employers and hiring managers to accept this pattern.

Organizations should foster new strategies to find, draw in and select upcoming talents investing energy in these platforms. Whether or not you like it online media is setting down deep roots with new mediums, locales, and applications springing up constantly. We should plunge into the social media enrolling statistics and see what numbers say.

Social Media Recruitment Data

If your company is recruiting candidates from social media, the best way possible will be to follow up on some statistics related to it and sharpen the recruiting skills by keeping oneself updated. Below are some pointers that will briefly explain you the current social media recruitment data:

  • The recorded data for the number of people worldwide that uses social media for one purpose or the other is approximately 3.5 billion.

  • Almost 65% of candidates that come across a social media post for recruitment is likely to respond for a new job opportunity.

  • But this data is followed by an ‘if’ – which means the respondent needs to be communicated on a personal basis.

  • According to Glassdoor – a leading recruitment platform has released a statement which announced that almost 79% of candidates browse social media for a job search.

  • Another interesting fact is that more than 84% of companies have used social media to recruit candidates and over 9% companies are planning to follow suit.

  • Social media is a boon for passive job seekers as organisations have confirmed that 85% of them have found social media to be a helpful medium for guaranteed recruitment.

How to use Social Media for Recruitment in 2022?

At the point when you post a job on your organization's online media page, you can use your followers and representatives of the organizations to spread the news in only five simple steps:

Step 1: You create a fun and engaging social media post using some graphic post creating tool.

Step 2: You share the post along with some other details such as the Job Description, role and perks on your social media page.

Step 3: The people who follow your page will find it engaging and share it across their feed. This will help in ensuring that your post is assessable to a larger network.

Step 4: Your company’s existing employees can also lend a hand by sharing the post within their network.

Step 5: Your post’s reach increases exponentially, in turn helping your company to find the right candidate for the role.

What are the best social media platform for recruiting?

The best platform for social media recruitment will be LinkedIn as it is a plethora for talents looking for job. It has been a proven media for hiring candidates using social media. Some of the data that will confirm our statement has been jotted down below:

  • In LinkedIn, more than 55 million job applications are submitted every second making it highly dynamic.

  • More than 50 million companies are enlisted in LinkedIn with more joining the number on a daily basis.

  • Approximately 2 million small business owners have confirmed to have sourced their talent from LinkedIn using social media posts.

  • Nearly 20 million open job listings are present in LinkedIn, making it the best platform for candidates to get hired pronto.

Other than LinkedIn there are several other platforms that you can look into. Some of the most sought after hiring platform will be SignalHire, Seekout, Nymeria, Hiretual and Huibspot.

Does Social Media Recruitment work?

Indeed! Done accurately, social media recruitment can assist your business with recognizing, and recruiting excellent talent. The requirement for Social Media Marketing abilities will continue to increment. New types of online media apps, for example, TikTok spring up constantly.

Social applications, for example, Instagram has expanded over the past few years. Hiring processes much adjust and change to connect with these more dynamic and younger generation of job seekers.

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