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MarkLogic Case Studies and Customer Reviews

MarkLogic is a multi-model information base with trusted organization data control and administration capabilities. It is a NoSQL and a blend of data combination and management center. It is a protected multi-model information base and is deployable in any environment. The capacity of MarkLogic makes it the best database to drive a data hub at any point.

For more than a decade, MarkLogic has proven itself to be a reliable data hub and has also garnered several customers from government bodies to leading private enterprises. It was founded in 2001, and it has given tough competition to all its adversaries. MarkLogic has set new standards in flexibility, scalability, time to value, enterprise readiness, and innovation with its game-changing technology. Enterprises worldwide depend on MarkLogic's industry-grade technology to control the new age of data applications.

We will be studying some of the case studies of MarkLogic's newest and oldest clients to give you a brief idea of what to expect with this new technology.

Case Studies






AIRBUS produces 60 aircrafts each month and is a leading aircraft manufacturing company that needs technology to ensure its safety, reduce costs, reduce cycles of aircraft certification and drive the maturity of its products.

AIRBUS runs MarkLogic on AWS.

  • Improved Security

  • Elimination of redundant and costly time-consuming tests.

  • Reduction in data discovery time – from months to weeks to minutes.

  • Optimization of new flight tests.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

It is one of the nation's largest nuclear weapon physics and engineering laboratories.

LLNL uses MarkLogic to discover, manage and integrate complex data sets that are unpredictable, large, and highly variable.

  • Improvement in discoverability.

  • Establishment of data governance.

  • Easy data integration.

  • Increased efficiencies.


SONY is a Japanese multinational company headquartered in Konan and is a major technology company. Sony manufactures electronic products such as video games, consoles, and other home electronic appliances.

SONY uses MarkLogic to integrate data from Legacy systems.

  • Improved Sony's global sales.

  • Improved agility to respond to contractual changes.

  • Faster ingestion of data.

  • Easy to trace.

  • Full data lineage.


The NBC or National Broadcasting Company is a commercial broadcast television channel. It is headquartered in New York City and is considered one of the 'Big Three' in the history of American television networks.

NBC used the flexibility provided by MarkLogic to build its all-tailored SNL predictive analytic engine.

  • Fast Data Integration.

  • Best Customer experience.

  • Low cost of deployment.

  • Low cost of maintenance.

Customer Reviews

Below we are providing some of the customer reviews directly from the mouth of the CEOs, Vice presidents, CTO's, etc., from leading enterprises that have implemented MarkLogic as a solution in their companies.

Review #1

"Add in an ever-changing and volatile, policy-driven environment into an IT infrastructure challenge, and you know you need something powerful yet agile to meet changing requirements. With the MarkLogic database, we could accomplish CMS goals in just months. To date, the CMS has over 11 million subscribers." - HENRY CHAO, FORMER DEPUTY CIO AT CMS, HEALTHCARE.GOV.

Review #2

"Our legacy system took up to 30 minutes or an hour sometimes [to publish a video clip]. We compared the MarkLogic NoSQL technology to some SQL vendors, and what we got in 20 seconds on SQL took us 200 milliseconds in NoSQL — orders of magnitude faster. So, we said let's move iPlayer to this." - ALLAN DONALD, SENIOR PRODUCT MANAGER FOR EDITORIAL METADATA, BBC.

Review #3

I've met with customers, and they just love it. Some of them say, 'where have you been all along?' Because it is truly simpler to use the information. Once they use that, then the product gets a lot more fun. - RAJESH CHANDRASEKHAR, DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS, CISCO

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