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How is MarkLogic Server Used?

MarkLogic Server is a multi-model database that can store documents (including JSON, XML, and flat text documents), relational data (through tables, rows, and columns), and graph data (via tables, rows, and columns).

The data agility that users gain from MarkLogic Server's multi-model and schema flexibility is without a doubt its most robust selling feature. The ability to use graph, relational, and document data interchangeably allows you to select the best tool for the job. Combining them can result in a solution greater than the sum of its parts. Documents within graphs, as well as triples inside of documents, are excellent examples of this.

How is MarkLogic Server Used?

MarkLogic Server is used in a wide range of industries. Even though the data stored in and pulled from MarkLogic varies by industry, many clients face the same data-management difficulties.

Common themes include:

  • Development and deployment of applications in a short amount of time.

  • The ability to store heterogeneous data from numerous sources in a single repository and search it instantly.

  • Search that is both accurate and efficient.

  • Features that are fit for an enterprise.

  • The price is low.

The topics in this article are:

  • Publishing/Media Industry

  • Government / Public Sector

  • Financial Services Industry

  • Healthcare Industry

  • Other Industries

1. Publishing/Media Industry

BIG Publishing gets data feeds from publishers, wholesalers, and distributors and offers it as data feeds, online services, and websites, as well as other unique solutions. The demand for the large quantity of data stored in the company's database was high, and the company's search solution, which employed a traditional relational database, couldn't keep up. The organization realized it needed a new search solution to assist clients in finding relevant material in its massive database.

2. Government / Public Sector

The Quakezone County government intends to make it easier for county staff, developers, and citizens to find out about zoning changes, county land rules, and property history in real-time. The county has a lot of data in many systems and formats, and it needs to make it easier to access it while still maintaining the integrity of the records. They require a system that integrates with the county's IT infrastructure, can be implemented fast, and keeps hardware and licensing costs low and predictable.

3. Financial Services Industry

Customers can pay for financial analysis from TimeTrader Services Inc. on a subscription basis. In the fast-paced world of stock trading, every second matters; thus, the firm wants to get new research to its members as soon as possible to assist them in making better trade decisions.

Unfortunately, the firm's old infrastructure impeded their efforts. They couldn't readily respond to new requirements or fully use the documents that were being prepared due to flaws in the current tool. Furthermore, they were unable to satisfy their deadlines for issuing alerts.

4. Healthcare Industry

HealthSmart is a Health Information Exchange (HIE) investigating the use of new technology as a differentiator for success. They're looking for a technological edge to help them manage and make the most of a big volume of complex, varied, and continuously changing data. In communities large and small, whether serving an integrated delivery network (IDN), a hospital, or a large medical practice, the number of requests for patient data and the sheer volume of that data is expanding exponentially.

5. Other Industries

Other industries that benefit from MarkLogic Server deployments include:

  • Legal -- Legislation, regional codes, public records, and case files, for example.

  • Government Intelligence -- From large amounts of diverse data, identify patterns and establish connections.

  • Airlines -- Flight manuals, service records, customer profiles, and so on.

  • Insurance -- Data from claims, actuaries, and regulators, for example.

  • Education -- Student data, test preparation, and online instructional materials, for example.

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