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We are Big Data specialists with the expertise, experience, flexibility and customer orientation to understand the business, analytics and data management needs of your organisation.

Irrespective of whether your data is in the cloud or on local systems, it can be the greatest source of valuable insights about your customer.

Big Data comprises of both structured and unstructured data related to a business and its stakeholders collected from diverse sources. It has the potential of increasing the operational efficiency and revenue maximisation, if the right analytics can be generated from it using the big data analytics consulting.

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Big data and advanced analytics are creating intense new opportunities for businesses.

Software Testing

Our functional testing services verify that each of your software application’s functions conforms to the requirement specifications.

Cloud Solutions

Our Group of certified Cloud consultants help clients move their   infra to cloud.

Staffing Solution

Our pool of technical experts enables you to access skilled individuals or a team of professionals to work remotely or on the business's premises.

AI/Data Science Services

We as a partner can drive your business into future with Augmented Intelligence (AI)

Marklogic Consulting

Our Marklogic certified consultants are helping companies to adopt to new technologies like Marklogic for better faster and cheaper reasons.


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